Bodhi and Jacqueline’s Transformation

Nov 29,2022

Thank you so much for your amazing post and the story about Bodhi!! I feel so proud but mostly blessed honestly because I found your company and wonderful team!!

I've searched for months for a service dog trainer and came across your company. I didn't check more into it because I thought it wouldn't apply to Canadians. I'm very spiritual and kept praying to find the right trainer. I contacted our ministry of transportation and our local MPP office to inquire if Bodhi is eligible to be a service dog for anxiety. No right answer was given to me. Months later I came across your company again, this time I called and reached Zell. She was so patient and explained the course to me. Even though it was so late on her end and I didn't even know she was in Ireland. I appreciated it so much. After listening to my story she recommended
the PSD course. I thought about it for a while if I should go ahead with it. I took it as a sign in the right direction and signed up. I am so happy I did!!

Bodhi's story is a blessing. We lost my father-in-law 2 years before we met Bodhi. My kids, husband, and myself were hit hard by our loss. He was supposed to come to Canada to stay with us with his 5-year visa, instead, he died of a massive heart attack. When we went back to the Dominican Republic to visit our family, Bodhi was given to us by a family member. He was not supposed to come to Canada, just stay with my mother-in-law. We had an instant connection with him and wanted to bring him home. We were told it was impossible for him to come here. He brought such joy and reason to carry on again for all of us. We got his vaccines, did all the paperwork, and still were told the Dominican authorities wouldn't let him leave the country until he was 4 months old. He was 1 week shy of 4 mths. We didn't give up and we searched for a spiritual name for him. We found the name Bodhi. It was perfect, it means spiritual awakening and freedom from the circle of life.

Feb.5 came and we had to come home. We bought an airline ticket and submitted his paperwork at Puerto Plata. We were so anxious waiting for the answer if he could home with us. The guy came and told us to have a good flight!! I can't tell you the feeling we felt, but the blessing on that day is there was an angel with us. February 5th is my father-in-law's birthday. Bodhi was our gift to carry on and live happily again. A part of him will always be with us.

Sorry for the long email but I feel like I had to share this with you. For your team to know how stressful my endless searches, calls, and dead-end roads I faced. You gave us hope because we depend on each other and your course was truly great!!

Thank you so much, Vincent and your team. It shows you all care about what you do and put out for us who need it. It's not just for the money and it shows!! Wishing you all the greatest success ahead for everyone who needs it.

Blessings and best wishes!!