Certify Your Service Dog

Completing any of our online self-trained service dog training courses comes with a certificate. The certificate is usually provided in a digital format that features the signatures of the school director and the head trainer. The students can obtain a hard copy (printed version) of their certificate from our school with an additional charge of $29 USD.

Please, note that certifying your service dog, therapy dog, ESA, and companion dog is not required under US and UK law. However, transport service providers like airlines; business owners of hotels and shops; and housing providers (landlords, housing companies and HOAs) will ask for a proof of completed service dog training like a certificate from an established dog training school. We have discussed the service dog laws in Canada in our blog post “Service Dog Laws in Canada”. You can read more about the service dog laws in the US in our blog post “ADA Service Dog Laws in 2022”. Details about the rules for service dogs (also called assistance dogs) in the UK can be found on our Service Dog Legalities Page and the Guidance Paper from the Equality Commission. Please, be cautious of fake service dog registration services as they do not contribute to legitimate service dog teams or provide any training and evaluation. You can learn how to recognize scam service dog registration websites by checking our “Service Dog Training Scam” page.

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA full text), service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. The task has to be directly related to a person’s disability. Generally speaking, the same definition is adopted in Canada and the UK.

If you are enrolled in one of our online service dog training programs, we will provide you with a certificate for completed service dog training after you pass the included Public Access Test (PAT). The PAT is entirely self-administered. We expect the students to submit video recordings of their service dog candidates responding to commands and their behavior in various public settings. The video recordings serve as evidence that your dog is trained properly, does not pose a danger to people and other animals and your paw partner is not likely to cause a disturbance.

The certificate you receive at the end of the online self-trained service dog training course will attest that you and your canine are a service dog team.

The training and certification provided by our school comply with the service dog laws in the US, the UK, and parts of Canada. If you are not sure about using a self-trained service dog course in your country, please talk to our support team. Our courses and certification may be accepted in your country.

If you need to travel domestically and internationally with a self-trained service dog, please read carefully through our page “Fly With A Service Dog (US and abroad) - Pre-Flight Preparation”. You can find guidance on how to address common travel problems in our blog post “URGENT!! Why Was My Service Dog Denied Access to the Passenger Cabin?”. Our US students and foreign travelers who need to fly to the US may appreciate the instruction and tips available in our blog post “How to Fill Up DOT Service Animal Air Transportation Form To Fly With Your Service Dog”.

If you are looking for an affordable certified service dog training course with easy to follow step-by-step instructions; guidance and evaluation by professional dog trainers; and certification, please consider enrolling in one of the online courses we offer.

Our Public Access Test is an assessment that provides a standardized and reliable method to evaluate the behavior of service dogs in public situations. By meeting these rigorous standards, we ensure that all service dogs, regardless of their origin or training, are equipped to accompany their handlers safely and confidently in nearly any environment. Once you pass the assessment, you will receive a certificate from us as proof that your dog has met our standards and is a fully trained service dog. Our public access test covers the minimum public access behaviors for responsible service dog handling. This includes unacceptable behaviors, obedience behaviors, and behavior in different locations and situations. The full PAT can be explored via this PDF file.

What Will You Need to have Your Dog Certified?

If you are enrolled in one of our training programs, we will provide you with a certification of completion of our training program after you pass the Public Access Test (PAT).

Our public access test (PAT) details Service Dog teams’ minimum public access behaviors for responsible service dog handling. This includes unacceptable behaviors, obedience behaviors, and behavior in different locations and situations.

The test items are in a yes-or-no format. The team must be successful on all items of the test to pass.

Description of Test Result Comment
The dog was on-leash, under control, and waited calmly outside the vehicle, attentive to the commands of the handler. Yes
The dog entered the building through the door in a calm manner. Yes
The dog walked beside the handler in a controlled way. Yes
The dog adjusted to changes in the handler's speed. The dog did not pull on the leash. Yes
The dog maneuvered calmly through a crowed of people without trying to interact with people. Yes
The dog did not attempt to eat or sniff food. The dog ignored food and other distractions in the restaurant. Yes
The dog remained in the sit position and was relaxed as a shopping cart passed by. Yes
The dog remained composed during noise distraction. Yes
The dog demonstrated calm behavior and no fear around traffic, noise, and distractions. Yes
The dog responded to the "sit", "stay", "down" command with no more than two commands by the handler. Yes
The dog should be able to maintain a working mode while in the presence of other dogs. Yes
The dog came within the appropriate distance of the handler, so that the handler could recall the dog. Yes